Vermiculite Fireproofing to Steel Structure

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All the steel structure of the building is required to be either encased with concrete or applied with fireproofing protection coat. The most commonly used passive fire protection to the steel structure is vermiculite or cementitious fire proofing.
The application can be done with hand plaster or spray on or applied method to all shapes of steel structure like roof truss, beams, columns and steel staircase.
The fireproofing coating of vermiculite method can protect the steel structure for severely damage when there is a fire and temperatures can up to 1200ºC. Without any protection of the steel surface, the structure steel will lose approximate 50% of its load carrying capacity when the temperatures approach 600ºC.
The fire rating of the vermiculite or cementitious  spray-on system can range from 1 hour to 4 hour depend on the thickness required and various sizes, and thickness of the steel members.
vermiculite fireproofing spray on system

Looking for Fireproofing Contractor?

Call us and send you drawings/ photos of the structure need to be fireproof with vermiculite spray-on system, we will provide a non-obligation quote or have a site visit to your place if needed. We welcome all types of project such as :

  • new steel structure
  • additional and alteration with new steel structure
  • additional steel staircase
  • repair and making good existing fireproofing to renew your FSSD certificate for your premises
Check out more detail on our website and drop us a line.
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  1. Please communicate us approx. cost for application of such item is steel structure per Sq. Mtr. basis.
    The application shall be at Refinery. The specification shown as Fendolite M11/Equivalent

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