Granite Supply in Headline – Jan 2014

Shortage of Granite Supply Source

The main raw material- granite in all the building are in the head line when the major supply source from Indonesia stop since 10 Jan 2014.It has been raised the concerned by many contractors and suppliers and BCA has been post and press media as government to put in measure to mitigate the granite supply disruption on Feb.

There will be increased the impact to the progress of project if the supply disruption doesn’t improve after CNY and the new source of supply are unable to ramp up the supply. To temporary cushion the situation, Singapore Government has bee activated the stockpile from 5 Feb 2014 , and it is allow the main contractors submit the request to release the source. Meanwhile, BCA is facilitating on diversified the supply sources and allow importers explore new source to cushion the disruption. aggregate granite Shortage of Granite Supply The granite is the important raw material to make up the concreting works, main components for the road works etc.

If the situation is prolong and not improve in next one or two months, this is not only impact on the existing project schedules, and will further increase in construction cost and in directly hurt the end users. The industry shall work hand-in-hand with Government to mitigate the shortage raw material like granite by improving the source of supply and resolve the supply sources issues from Indonesia as soonest.

The incidents has been raised the alert and think of the alternative to minimize the reoccurrences. There are more near impact on the fluctuation of the supply which may affect the tender prices from up-coming projects. With tight labour in past few years and this round of shortage supply will further increase the burden to the bottom line for most of builder.

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