MRT Line Construction for Singapore


Singapore has an extensive MRT and LRT network connecting the North, North-East, West and Eastern parts of the island to the Central Business District which has started build since  80s till now and it is expected to be double the length when reach 2030.

The traveling times will be shorter and the crows from the major station will be reduce on the capacity and the consumer will more than happy on this. However, during the time of construction, all the users and residents on the station/ line construction will have to bear with the noise, constraint, dust and traffic diversion, in some cases, mosquito breeding issues.


Every year from now, the MRT maps will have to update from time to time when the lines are completed and the users must always refer to the latest changes and use to the new station and familiar it.

MRT Maps Singapore

The recent few new stations awarded for the contractor in Thomson lines, you may refer to the awarded contract in following links.

MRT awarded contract for Thomson and Eastern Region Lines

Thomson Line

We will continue update on the upcoming new MRT line and stations from time to come.


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