How to Choose the Renovation Contractor

As a home owner, are you facing the difficulty to find a good contractor? Most of first time owner may face this problem and have no clue to engage a good contractor due to no nothing about the cement & mortar work. There is better to understand some basic criteria and prepare yourself before listen to the recommendation or search through online recommendation.

To be a renovation contractor, the level on entry can be as low as everyone to become a contractor, therefore, to differential a good standard and ethic contractor become important to avoid any disappointment in future.

Few Points to highlight when choose the renovation contractor:

1. Know What You want

Before you start talking to the contractors, make clear yourself what you are going to do for your work. Is it renovation ? Alteration & Additional work? Total rebuilt? Design and built? Improvement to existing of unit?
No every contractor be able to carry out design and built or new built. The different scope and complexity of project will subject to the capacity of each different contractor.
Therefore, with in depth understand your needs, you be able to match the contractor and provide enough information to them, so that you will get the more reasonable quotation.

2 Source the Contractor

Get the reliable source , check the contractor registry ( BCA or HDB license) and past experience to carry out the similar job. With that in mind, approach them personally and understand the communication procedure and standard of response are up to your expectation. A good contractor always practice proper procedures and communication channel. This is to avoid the contractor when missing and thing turn sour in later stage.

Give addition credit if they are supported with previous portfolio and recommendation by others.

3 Consider a New Setup Company ?

With cost sensitive and tight budget, there are many opt for new setup contractor. The main point is the experience of the team rather than the company. The manager or designer in-charge is always crucial as we are not deal with the concrete structure but communicate with the guy that build your house and manage your task. We may face the inexperience in-charge from the establish contractor and pay the extra premium to face the headache too. There is always have two face of coins.

You may need to carry out your due diligently to check the reviews of the contractor via their website, online feedback, forums and BCA/ HDB to confirm any black listing before engage.

4 ASK Questions

You may list out some questions and ask them when meet up with them or communicate with them via e-mail or phone.

Gauge them by how they response, the way they reply by e-mail, the suggestion they advise and highlight the pro & cons of each option etc.

An experience builder will be able to solve the technical and management issues professionally. A good standard of contractor will provide clear explanation in detail and be able to reach with multi channel. The response time within 24 hours are equally important to an urgent job. Type of question to be ask can refer to separately discussion in this blog.

5 Set the Target and Expectation

Tell the contract your target and expectation of your job given. List of scope of work as detail as you can to avoid variation and changes and become dispute and the end of work.

Set your date and ask the contactor commit and record down. If the contractor don’t discuss and commit anything, we should raise the red flag and find the other one.

6 Cheap and Good ?

Is the cheapest always good to choose? Not really.

Price is only a factor and fraction of the criteria, the other part of concerns are the quality, response, experience and responsibility to do a job properly and meet your target and standard shall not be neglected.

Compare the lowest bid and 2nd or 3rd lowest and consider other aspect and made a wise choice.There is no point to get the cheapest and not able to carry out any variation or not able to contact and dispute along the way and become a nightmare.  Always get at least three quote before decide.

7. Others Consideration :

  • Ask whether there is any workmanship and material warranty.
  • Look for company at least more than 3 years has been established.
  • Bizsafe certified at least, as safety is part of important consideration.
  • With capacity of direct workers to cope with the works. Not purely total sub to the sub contractors.
  • Check what kind of clients or past project that has been carried out.

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